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O365 CSP for a multinational company - single tenant for multiple International users

Hi is there a definitive answer from the licensing perspective that can a multinational organisation utilise a single tenant from their headquarter to license users in International offices?

I know it can be done technically but is there any licensing rules preventing the above use case?


We're trying to help a customer from having to manage multiple CSP agreements globally rather than a single agreement from their HQ.




Adding to what @JASA1976 mentioned - there might be technical question. One CSP agreements means one tenant, so all the data & services (e.g. Exchange Online Mailbox) would only be in a single location. Multi-Geo-Mailboxes or Multi-Geo Sharepoint is not yet available in CSP.

If the customer currently has multiple CSP agreements in multiple countries, it means they have multiple tenants. Merging those tenants into one is a tenant-to-tenant migration which requires considerable effort and most of the times 3rd party software is required to facilite the migration & move of data. So the important question is if it suitable for the customer to have a single tenant. 

Kind regards, Janosch
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The definitive, official, legally binding answer can be found only in the license agreements, for CSP this would be the Microsoft Customer Agreement

We can't do any legal consultation in here, so when in doubt check the paperwork with an legal advisor.


That said, I see nothing in the agreements that prevents a customer from using the services he obtained in one location/HQ for employees that are located in other countries (usage rights are not restricted to a certain region - only the rights to sell licenses to other contries is restricted for the CSP Partner, documented in his Partner agreement). 

Usually employees in other countries are employed in the respective subsidiary of the customer, as long as the subsidiaries in other countries fall into the definition of an affliate and if the usage is for the sole business purpose of the customer (HQ), as documented in the Microsoft customer agreement, they can use those licenses. What is not allowed is that the HQ resells licenses to subsidiaries (which means the subsidiary does not have their own agreement,  the customer/HQ is still responsible for all parts of the agreement).

Kind regards, Janosch
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Not sure that this answers what you are looking for, but depends on your localtion whether you can sell to customers in another region.




Also are you wanting a single tenant with geolocation as again there are restrictions relating to minimum number of users.