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Newly acquired cloud customer is missing from the new customer list on the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency page

Dear Everyone,

We'd like to renew our Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Silver competency and the requirement for this competency is to have 4 net new customers acquired within the past 12-months.

Now the problem is that the last two pieces of customer that we just registered a few days ago just don't want to appear in the newly acquired customers list.

These are companies that have never had an o365 subcription before.

Not sure how to resolve this. If the community has any ideas of what I need to do, please advise.

All the bests,


Hi @Shirokko ,


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I think that the solution provided by @JASA1976 is the best in order to be sure that everything is alright. 


If you need my assistance, please feel free to contact me here or in private. 


@JASA1976, thank you very much for sharing this practice with us on the Community! I hope in the future you will be stay active and, maybe, one time, you will be the one how will find the best solution on Microsoft Partner Community.


Have a nice weekend ahead! 


Level 6 Contributor

I've seen it take up to 7 days for new customers to show in the portal, but on some occasions I've had to go through the partner support channel. If you raise an incident with them they can look in to it for you and then if you can show that you have the requirements they can get an overide in place to credit you with the competency. 


Once an overide has been agreed it usually takes about 24 hours to show up.