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Net new customers acquired for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency

We are trying to earn our Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Silver competency and the requirement for this competency is to have 4 net new customers acquired within the past 12-months.


I have been monitoring anxiously for our "net new customers acquired" number over the past 3 weeks and it does not align to our actual number. At first, I just assumed that there was just a delayed posting of the actual numbers due to some kind of processing over on the Microsoft Partner Network side.


I just looked again, and now the number has gone down. Which is now confusing me.


After some digging into the details, I noticed that the list of customers is out of sync (it is missing a couple customers completely). The total list should contain about 10 customers, with 4 of them being new within the past 6 months -- but I am only seeing 8 customers total.


Not sure how to resolve this. If the community has any ideas of what I need to do, please advise.

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The problem resolved on its own today. I guess it takes up to a month for the number to update.

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*A new customer is defined as a customer that starts a new cloud subscription (paid) for the first time with Microsoft within the previous 12 months. New customers only reflect in the portal, and count towards attaining the competency, starting from 4 weeks from the date that the subscription was paid.


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good to see that you have your problem solved. I wonder if you can tell me how many seats each customer needs to have to qualify for this?




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From experience it is literally 1 user for this competency as we have sold in the past licenses to contractors who wanted the functionality and security of Office 365 without any need for infrastructure of their own.



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The problem resolved on its own today. I guess it takes up to a month for the number to update.


Hi Svek,


Have you tried talking to a Partner Support agent or submitting a ticket through the Partner Support site yet?