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Hi There,


Regardning this MFA requirement on CSP i keep getting the yellow banner on top of the Partner Center. Telling me that we are not MFA complient. But I think we are. We all have to use "Authenticator" app on our phone when we log in. See the three files attatched. 

Can anyone help? (Sorry about my english)


Regards Thomas Hansen

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Thank you for this service
I would like to work with you
To legally sell your products on eBay
I would like a license
If possible
Thank you

@Soufianezaza First I would recommend to open a new thread for this, since is a completely different topic.

To your question - you should contact an official Microsoft license distributor in the respective region you are based to discuss how to become a reseller.


When "Require MFA for Admin" and "End user Protection" baseline is enabled, you are in fact compliant as per contract. You do not need to enable the other two baselines, but of course you can do so if you want.


The notification banner is static, it does not check if you already implemented all guidelines. It does not actually tell that you are not compliant, it says you need to acknowldge and implment this (if you have not already done so) -ö and also it asks to sign the new contract.


The only question is why the compliance report shows N/A - is it possible that there was very infrequent access to those portals yet?

And see this article to get info while with the current implementation of baseline policies the report might not show 100% because of technical reasons (and yet you are still compliant from contract perspective): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/partner-security-compliance

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Thank you for your reply.


I have one more problem. I have got an email telling me that I have to accept the new Microsoft Partner Agreement. (See the file attatched) I was told that when I log in to partner center there should be a link in the top, were the yellow box is, to accept the new agreement. Then I called Partner Support, and they said that the link is not there bacause of the yellow box about MFA.

I really dont know what to do.. Please help. 🙂


Best Regards

Thomas Hansen



Afaik this should be in Settings --> Programs and you should be able to get a direct link when looking in the annoucements on Partner Center (where the same notification to sign the agreement is also posted).


In all my test tenants the agreement is already signed, so I don't can provide exact steps. Maybe I have the opportunity to check this tomorrow for another partner.

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The new Microsoft Partner Agreement is not under programs. (See the attachment). Isn't that a little weird? I have checked under the CSP link that all our customers are listed there and they are all there. So I don't think it's because there is something wrong with my account regarding CSP.


Regards Thomas


@ThomasHansen Attaching a slidedeck showing the "normal" signing experience on slides 16-20. If this is not what you see in Partner Center, please open a support ticket.


Have just gone through with another Partner - and can confirm that for some tenants it seems not be possible to sign now, at least not when there is no more notification banner displayed. I have reached out internally for guidance and will update this thread, but you can of course also open a support request for this.