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IoT Competency

I've had a notification within the Partner Dashboard for a new Competency IoT. When I click on the notification i just get an error that the URL is invalid. I've checked the competency partners page and tried searching, but found nothing.


Is this due to be released soon or is it a future competency?

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I found this...it might help https://iotschool.microsoft.com/en-us/home

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@VictoriaCocco wrote:

I found this...it might help https://iotschool.microsoft.com/en-us/home

Thanks, but already seen this and the training thats available. What I was looking for is the competency information so that I can make sure that I target my team at the required qualifications as a priority.

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The notifications have now disappeared, but still no update from anyone at Microsoft about the competency.

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I just noticed the same notification, and when I searched all I found was this thread 🙂


Guessing that it is an upcoming competency and someone has goofed?

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Still not found anything and can't clear the 2 alerts that I'm getting either so everytime I go into the dashboard they are still there.


Was this announced at Ignite at all?