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ISV Competency one-time exam exemption

I woke up this morning to an email from the partner network relating to the ISV competency and a one time exemption to the exam requirements for the Application Development competency which we have been working towards to replace ISV since it retired.


In the partner center dashboard I also have 6 alerts relating to this all be it its actually 2 alerts repated 3 times each. Our renewal isn;t until next May, so from the documentation I was expecting for this to show up today as it states from 22nd November, but so far nothing. Am I missing something or should this have automatically updated so that we should now show Application Development as complete? The alerts say to take action, but you follow the link and all its says is to look at the competencies in the dashboard.

Level 6 Contributor



Checked this morning and its now showing correctly with no action required for now. Just when we renew next year do we need to have our exams in place.


Nice to see Micrsoft reacting to  feedback after ending the ISV competency that impacted on a large number of small partners.