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How to download Invoice

HI, We have recently renewed our subscription of MAPS. Payment was made and it was realised. Now we are trying to download the invoice for billing purposes. But couldnt locate in the Partner Center site. Order number: 1903519924, MPN ID: 1530728, Order date: 2/4/2019, Contact name: Ajeesh Chandran Email: ajeesh.chandran@hbmprenscia.com.

Can anyone help!


In Partner Center Invoice is under MPN - Membership Offers - there is a section for "Purchased Offers". Added a screenshotMAPS invoice download.jpg

Kind regards, Janosch (OutOfOffice 8/12/22-9/5/22)
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Hi! I realized that you didn't get any support for this. Were you able to find how to download an invoice? If not, I highly suggest going to the partner support page to get a deeper look. https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support