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Enabling D365 Sales CSP for Customer with EA licenses

Basically the question is how do we implement provisioning for a customer who has an existing investment in D365 (EA license) on their tenant  and now need to setup a new business on the same tenant to CSP channel.
Our Client is already having D365 CE user licenses and instances bought via EA which they are using for building and accessing D365 Customer Engagement solutions for their various groups. All these are on their existing AAD tenancy. For one group they are doing on-prem D365 migration and  are buying CSP subscription from us (user licenses for Sales, Customer and Field Services and additional instances) under the new license scheme effective Oct 2019. Our CSP client relationship is set at the same AAD tenant as where the other EA licenses are hosted
The MS documentation states we shouldn't be mixing licenses procured from different channels under the same tenancy. In our case the client had existing EA licenses (for othe group users), and now they are going for licenses and instances bought via CSP channel for this business area. How could this impact the operations?
I am suspecting that since the tenancy is already having existing licenses, when we buy the new licences will we get the free prod/sandbox environment and the free capacity that comes with a fresh subscription?
How do we distinguish between the two different types of subscriptions (CSP vs EA) from instance and user perspective. i.e. do we go to D365 Admin portal and see now a separate section for managing CSP users and instances or will they all appear mixed up in the admin portal? The project needs to use the CSP instances because otherwise it will impact billing.
Would there be any other areas of issues?
What is the best way to handle this - should we go ahead and try it out to see how it works - but that could be risky.
Any help much appreciated.