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Cloud Product Perfromance

Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed when going in to the dashboard and looking at the competencies that on a couple of occasions that some of them have showed as at risk. When I've gone in to the compentency the performance has shown as 0 and when selecting view data I get no customer data shown. Now it seems that one of them is consistently showing at risk.


If I go to cloud product performance it shows graphs of usage, but in active usage details it shows no customers.


Specifically we are looking to achieve enterprise mobility management at the moment and in the competency it shows as 1 new customers, but when I select show details I yet again get no customer data. Cloud product performance. In the analysis I get graphs of active usage, but yet again under subscription details we have nothing.


Do other partners have the same issue? Is it a known issue or do I have to go through the pain again of speaking to Microsoft Partner Support teams?

Level 6 Contributor

I've also checked out the old Myinsights page and that has the same issue.

Community Manager

Hi James,


Thanks for raising this on MPC; Dynamics, Azure and Office 365 stats are impacted.

This is a known issue and is being resolved at the moment, however I don`t have an ETA. You don`t need to raise a support case for now. 


You will need to check Partner Center, as there are no system notifications. 


Of course if I see any updates I will follow-up on this thread.




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I'll keep monitoring then to see if the issue resolves, but I take it that competencies that require a certain Cloud Performance aren't going to be achieveable at the moment if not tracked correctly.

Level 6 Contributor

I can see this morning that my competencies are no longer at risk, but still don't seem to be tracking EMS correctly.