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Updates, resources and links for Inspire and POTYA 2022.


NEW tips for partners for the 2021 awards

  1. Use the free collaboration tool to gather your submission

    Last year Microsoft built a (free) software application where you can collaborate with team members (inside and outside of your organization) all year long to collect all the information you will need to write a great award submission. By answering all the questions in this preparation tool, you will have everything you need to get started writing your submission. Register for free at www.daxai.com

  2. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements

    Many of the awards require a specific Microsoft competency achievement and a co-sell ready offer, so make sure you are fully eligible before writing a submission. Check out the attached Award Guidelines to view the eligibility requirements for each category.

  3. Highlight your full capabilities as a partner

    Mention all of your strengths as a partner, not just the strengths related to the award category you’re seeking. For example, if you’re applying for Migration to Azure Partner of the Year, be sure to fully address that submission AND mention any additional areas of strength you have that help customers continue to grow after migration, like analytics, AI, or applications.

  4. Submission Writing Tips

    - Create a compelling story with a beginning, middle, and end. Define the challenge vividly using specific details. Make your story human. Your technology solution is ultimately for people.

    - Make sure you have a great opening hook: Some judges will be reading hundreds of submissions. This means that during the first read through, the judges are looking for a reason to throw out your entry. That’s right. The first pass is about eliminating the ones that are weak or are not up to par. Grab those judges with a strong opening hook.

  5. Address every question asked in the guidelines in your Executive Summary

    Each submission is reviewed by several judges, and they will be looking for all of the points the guidelines have asked you to address. Be sure to completely answer all of these points in your Executive Summary.

  6. Showcase your solution with proof

    Position your solution value in terms of business innovation, technology innovation, and customer ROI. And include attachments and links to supporting materials such as case studies, white papers, other awards, videos, or anything else that helps document your success.



** Two tips most partners haven’t heard **


  1. ALWAYS consider more than one category

    Yes, writing more than one entry will take more time, but it will also give you a better chance of being a winner or finalist. For example, if you’re submitting for AI Partner of the Year, then you might also consider submitting for Analytics or Migration to Azure.

  2. Re-submit to other award programs

    You have terrific stories. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business. However, no matter how well you tell it, there is no guarantee of a win. That is why you should re-purpose your MPN Partner of the Year Award content and enter into other award programs and use this information to create useful digital assets. Consider the following: country/regional Microsoft awards programs; vertical industry awards programs; the International Business Awards (known as “Stevies”); local newspapers or online publications; and your own website.




This advice and more can be found on the Partner of the Year Awards page and in this excellent 15-minute Video “How to Win a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award”