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Microsoft Inspire: Is it for me? A Perspicuity Perspective

Microsoft is all we (Perspicuity) do as an organisation, so Inspire is a good fit for us, but unfortunately it’s not entirely practical to ship thirty people off to Las Vegas from the UK so:


Who should go and why?

Inspire is not a technical conference: if you’re technically focused then Ignite is the conference for you – or consider specialist deep-dive events such as the Business Apps Summit in Seattle.


Based on 5+ years of attending Inspire, it is an event designed for those members of your organisation that form part of the leadership, marketing and sales teams.  


You can expect to hear Microsoft’s key focus for the FY ahead: using this knowledge you can evaluate how to align with Microsoft’s marketing efforts and then support their local team in achieving their goals, and in return that local team can support you.


Further more we have created a good partner-to-partner network, we use Inspire to reinforce those relationships as well as build new ones.


How do we engage the rest of the team?

Given that 90% of our organisation won’t be attending, we look to engage the rest of our team in various ways to ensure the learnings are shared and the value maximised.

Prior to the event we circle around and speak to our leadership team to understand what they would like us to understand.


During Inspire, straight after each meeting or keynote event, we record a short video which we snappily call “Insights on Insight”, these short videos are uploaded into our intranet using Microsoft Stream – ensuring the top of mind content quickly gets captured and distributed, allowing our team to continue the conversation through our intranet.


This is an edited version version of the orginal article posted on the Perspicuity Insights Blog exclusively for the Microsoft Partner Community. The full version is available here: https://insights.perspicuity.co.uk/microsoft-inspire-is-it-for-me


Thanks Rupert!


Great thoughts for how to extend the Inspire experience also to the ones that are not being able to visit in person!



Regards, Per

Level 6 Contributor

Inspire is paramount and crucial for CEOs and business owners, it allows high decision makers to draw the main perspectives in order for the teamwork to have a good and clear vision of the upcoming objectives to reach. Inspire is an event that should rank on the top agenda of any business owner who thinks big.