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Microsoft Inspire

Päivitykset, resurssit ja linkit Inspire-tapahtumaa varten.


Join our #MSInspireSuomi campaign!

We are inviting you to join Microsoft Inspire with us and to share your thoughts and pictures to the dedicated partner community…


#MSInspireSuomi campaign will start on Monday, 12th of July and will continue until Friday, 16th of July running in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.


You are all invited to share a picture while attending Microsoft Inspire and/or your thoughts before and after the event. And don't forget to invite other people from you network to join the campaign by tagging them to your post!

Let’s see what are the hot conversation topics during the event.


We will select a Winner post during our Local Inspire, on the  8th of September and the best posts will win some small prizes.

From the next fiscal year, the Social Media Influencer Partner of the Year will be a new Local Category Award, that will be celebrated alongside of the other Local Partner of the Year winners during Local Inspire.


So, what's next?

All of you have the possibility to join the conversation and give more visibility to the campaign by 

•Sharing your picture in your social media channels – remember to use the hashtag: #MSInspireSuomi

•Activating your own network, tagging them and asking them to do the same


WHEN: July 12-16

WHERE: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook


And don't forget to register for Microsoft Inspire! Join us this year on July 14–15, 2021.

You can register here.


See you there!