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Inspire Announcement: DPOR is changing - this is what you need to know..

Background: DPOR – Digital Partner of Record was the way that we partners were rewarded for driving adoption of Office 365 to Enterprise Agreement customers. It was an on-going payment rather than a one off payment. CPOR is the new model and this is how it looks.


Headlines – From the 1st October

  • DPOR is gone in terms of incentives but still in play for competency requirements
  • No DPOR payments will be made from October
  • CPOR is here (Claims Partner of Record)
  • It is based on “Online Services Usage” milestones - and that drives payments
  • The licencing model is less important, CSP and Direct are now included along with EA.
  • Payments are one-off, not recurring revenue

Which Partners are in scope?

  • Active Silver / Gold Competency partners in Cloud Productivity & EMS 
  • FastTrack Ready Partners

Which licences are in scope?

  • CSP, Direct and EA’s

Which workloads are in scope?

  1. Office 365
  2. EMS
  3. “New Security Workloads” – no detail announced
  4. Dynamics

Note that "EligIble Services" can be split between different partners unlike DPOR.


What isn’t in scope?

  • Azure PAL (Partner Admin Link) is not impacted

What are the Incentive Milestones, which Workloads are covered, what’s does a typical payment look like?

  • All workloads 15% Active Usage
  • Select workloads 40% Active Usage (Teams / Intune / Office Pro Plus / AIP)

How will Microsoft support us to deploy workloads?

The partner portal will provide guidance on next steps to drive adoption.


What is the commercial incentive to help customers?

To be announced.


So in summary:

  • Get registered on the new platform (est. september) http://aka.ms/partnerincentives
  • Still add yourself as DPOR for Compentancy measurements
  • Understand the requirements for CPOR and get familar with the new platform
  • Register your customers promptly
  • Prepare for a change in income from October



The new platform can be accessed here: http://aka.ms/partnerincentives

The session was recorded and available here: https://myinspire.microsoft.com/sessions/6a2c141d-2d80-4285-966a-641f664126d4?source=sessions

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CSP, should no be "in scope" for CPOR/DPOR.