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Updates, resources and links for Inspire and POTYA 2022.


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Dear partners,


As the nomination phase for Partner of the Year Awards has just started and we have also just announced Inspire 2022, we have put together some of the questions we received from you.


We are happy to answer and talk to any of you, so don`t hesitate to contact us.




  • How do I submit my nomination?

Now that the tool is open, you need to access it here and start the process. The tool is made in such a way that it will guide step-by-step through the whole journey. Click here to start!


  • When is the nomination period?

The nomination tool is open from 3rd February to 31st March 2022


  • What are the categories for this year?

Below you can find a list with categories. You can also check all of them on the official POTYA website.



  • Where can I find info about each category?

Best thing to do is start with the 2022 official rules and once you know which category you'd like to take part in, the award guidelines give you more detailed information.


You can find more useful information in the following documents:


  • Is there a Swiss version of the Awards?

In short, yes! Like every year, we will organize a local edition of the Partner Awards, where we will celebrate our Swiss Partners.


  • Is it the same nomination tool for Global and Swiss Awards?

Yes, if you want to nominate yourself for the Swiss Awards or/ and the Global Awards you will use the same tool. You can access it here 


  • How do I write my nomination?

Write a story. The idea is to portray how you helped your customers to succeed. If you want to discuss your case with our marketing advisors, don`t hesitate to contact either Ralph or Maruscha.


  • How do I know if I am eligible?

You can check the eligibility criteria here:


  • Are there also Swiss specific categories?

Same categories apply to Swiss Awards, and to the Global Awards.

Basically, all the Global categories are valid for the Swiss Partner of the Year Awards as well. Thus, the same rules apply. So, no need to worry – there is no chance you participate in a Global category that would not be valid in the local awards as well.


  • What is the flow of the awards? What happens next with nomination?

As we want to be transparent and open about the Partner of the Year Awards, you can see in the picture below the end-to-end flow of POTYA, which will culminate with the celebration at Inspire!








  • When will INSPIRE be this year?

INSPIRE will take place 12-13th July 2022


  • How will Inspire be this year?

This year the format will again be digital, continuing the success of delivering this event at scale and leveraging the incredible opportunity to include partners from around the globe. We are exploring ways to organize for smaller in-person gatherings locally, in Switzerland.

However, the feasibility will be dependent on a number of factors, including the health and well-being of everybody involved as our ultimate priority. 


If you have any other questions, don`t hesitate to contact us.

We will be updating the Q&A with all your questions, so keep an eye here.


Best regards,

Raluca Mancu

Project Manager Communication and Change Management | Global Partner Solutions