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Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

Inspire is coming in two weeks! Don't miss out the incredible featured speakers at Inspire. Our lineup of speakers includes business and industry leaders from around the world. Be inspired by Microsoft executives, trailblazers in research and innovation, and visionaries for leading your business—and your customers—into the future.

See Inspire featured speakers: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/inspire/speakers Inspire Featured Speakers.JPG


Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions Overview

Microsoft SAM is a true digital disruptor. Attend these SAM sessions at #MSInspire to see how customers & partners benefit. View all Inspire SAM sessions on Inspire portal at http://bit.ly/2tk9M4I.
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SAM01 - Be the Digital Disruptor with Deep Data Insights

Microsoft SAM is a game changer for customers & partners. Discover why from Microsoft GM Patama Chantaruck at the SAM01 session.Microsoft_Inspire_SAM01 - Be the Digital Disruptor with SAM.png


SAM02 - Accelerate customer success by unlocking the power of IT Asset Management

Microsoft SAM is revolutionizing how customers manage, secure & optimize their infrastructure. Attend SAM02 session to learn more.Microsoft_Inspire_SAM02 - Accelerate customer success by unlocking the power of IT.png


SAM03 - Award-winning partners share how to transform today's customer challenges into profitable opportunities

 Hear first-hand how Microsoft SAM amplifies the value partners provide to customers. Microsoft_Inspire_SAM03 - Award-winning partners.png


SAM04 - Delivering customer value through cybersecurity and GDPR

 Discover how Microsoft SAM is helping customers to reduce cyber risk. 

Microsoft_Inspire_SAM04 - Delivering customer value through cybersecurity and GDPR.png


SAM05 - Need data insights to grow your business and increase reach? Hear about joint Partner opportunities in security and asset management to win together.

Partner up to grow. Explore joint SAM P2P opportunities that can up-level your business. Microsoft_Inspire_SAM05 - P2P.png

Microsoft SAM team is looking forward to seeing many of our valued partners at Vegas!


Re: Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

In my opinion, the SAM group did a terrific conference and I especially love the efforts connecting SAM Partners with other partner types in order to drive P2P! Kudos to Gunter Schneider for this initiative bringing partners together!

This is really a great opportunity and it is not a secret that SAM Partners have excellent insights in the needs of customers and by working closely together with other partner types we will drive additional revenue to the partner ecosystem. Customers are, generally speaking, often willing to invest more if they get ROI and often budgets are not fully spent which is bad for everyone so this is really a win-win-win partnership!  The P2P Maturity Model is great reading for how to make it happen! 

We would like to highlight great partnerships between SAM Partners and other partner types, so please drop me an email at per@acceleratorab.com if you have such a story to tell.


Regards, Per


Re: Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

Thank you for the partnership @PerWerngren

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Re: Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

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Re: Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

Hi Sheetal, this was a higlhy unusual and pretty special question (perhaps should be in another discussion thread but I will try to guide you)!

I think that Azure will be a great place for your solution/platform as you will be able to piggy back on existing functionality and leverage the massive innovation that Microsoft has done. For building your solution you will need an awesome Microsoft Partner to develop the solution together with you. It looks like you are based in India and there are tons of great people there that are excellent developers. If you write in this forum what type of skills you're looking for, then fellow partners will be able to respond and give you advice.


Regards, Per

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Re: Join us at Microsoft Inspire SAM Sessions!

Hello Sheetal,

My name is Bhanu Gupta and I am Managing Partner at Techstern Solutions (www.techstern.com). We are a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner Organisation and can help you with your requirement.

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