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Standard Customer Question - Why Cloud ?

It’s no secret that business for SMBs is HIGHLY personal. Even if you have a very clear idea about what to pitch your customer, you stand to gain respect and credibility by taking the time to demonstrate your interest in their business.

Questions to help you get a better idea of how your customer uses technology
• How does your company view technology?

• Do you have a dedicated IT person on the team, or another resource you turn to for IT help?

• What online/internet services are you using today, or which ones have you tried in the past? What did you like about them? What didn’t work for you?

• Do you use online accounting services, marketing services, email, etc.?

• Do you run email servers in-house? Do you know if you’re facing end-of-support for Exchange?

• What about your current technology frustrates you? What do you wish you could do better?

• How much time do you spend on computer and IT maintenance, and administrative tasks? How does that compare with what you budget?

• How would your business be affected if your current technology came to a standstill? For example, what would happen if the electricity went out, or your servers went down?

• What happens today if the internet goes down at your office? How do you stay productive?

• Do you have email and a website? Who manages them? Are they a lot of work for you?

• How do you do file storage? Do you have networked storage or online storage? Who manages it, and is it a lot of work for you?

• How much do you spend on landlines and conferencing systems? How dependent is your business on those?


To win over the cloud-reluctant customer, you need to get them to buy into the vision of what the solution can do in their environment before you bring up the cloud.


1. Ground the email conversation in the larger story about the challenges their business faces today. Talk about how big their job is, how hard they work, and how ridiculous it is for them to have emails get lost in spam folders (when they send them from a free cloud accounts), size restrictions on attachments, etc. 

2. Explain how a business-class cloud email solution solves a specific business problem. Many cloud-reluctant SMB customers get overwhelmed by all the capabilities cloud solutions introduce. Keep your pitch focused on how you can address a problem you know your customer experiences based on your discovery conversation. 

3. Illustrate the new way your email solution will work in their environment. The SMB decision maker you’re talking to might be a crucial part of the “IT team.” By helping them visualize how the solution works in the existing environment through demos and guided trials, you’re more likely to win the deal.

Level 6 Contributor

For SMBs and large enterprises as well, the Cloud journey has never been more opportun and crucial than now.  No individual alone, no organization alone can afford the expensive cost an IT staff needs to ensure the correct management of this tsunami of new technologies. To the partner point of view, winning over the cloud reluctant customer to share the same vision must occur without major difficulties for there is no other choice but to enter the Cloud digital world.

Management, storage, maintenance and all the necessary IT requirements has been made easier and cheaper than never. To run their business satisfyingly, enterprises buy only what they need and there is the new leverage to win the competition.