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My (and your) highlights at Microsoft Inspire 2017

Thank you for a great conference! It’s always great to be back in D.C as that is one of my favorite cities!

My highlights at Inspire were:

  1. Delivering three different breakout sessions together with friends and great subject matter experts like Heather Doran, Diana Kreklow, Shann McGrail, Olivia Trilles, Paul Solski and Petri Salonen.
  2. Meeting with a good number of partners and discussing how I can help them develop their businesses. I was super impressed by several and I saw evidence that there is a great deal of innovation on the ISV side that needs to be matched with building current revenue, digital marketing and in many cases building a network of partners. Some also needed advice on how to make a great financial exit! I must say that I highly enjoyed these conversations! Very promising!
  3. Last but not least, I think that Gavriella Schuster’s keynote was a total home-run as she framed a clear and very promising message. Well done!


Now it’s your turn! What were your highlights if you pick only a few?


Regards, Per