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How to Build Mobile Applications in the Enterprise, Faster and Smarter.

Mobile applications can help employees execute mission critical business processes from anywhere, provide real-time insight into daily operations, and transform businesses into productive, well-oiled machines. But most organizations still don’t have the right tools to develop mobile applications efficiently. Internal mobile application development projects often run over time and over budget, or don’t get off the ground at all.

Come by our booth @MSInspire2018 #1529 to witness by choosing an approach and tool that can handle the most application functionality with the least code will lower the total cost of ownership, and maximize  the ROI.  

About Orangekloud:

A cloud base no-code RMAD platform which is flexible for building mobile business process applications faster and smarter. Using this declarative approach, it takes less time and fewer IT resources to create mission critical business process applications from end-to-end. The iOS and Android offline apps, desktop web apps, and connectivity back to MS Dynamics are generated automatically from the single declarative definition.  

It is suitable for use by IT professionals, business analysts and citizen developers in a managed environment, it delivers organizations a secure and reliable way to meet the increasing demand for mobile applications in the enterprise.

Find out more at www.orangekloud.com or visit our booth to get FREE subscriptions as long as 6 months.  (Limited offers available only  ) So come to out booth #1529 or send us an email sai.chan@orangekloud.com to have a one-to-one discussion to secure your FREE subscription.