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Hololens (vr/xr/ar) solutions for Healthcare


If someone is interested in meeting and check some links with videos that should give You general idea what we do and how Hololens mixed reality is promoted by us at the same time in Poland.

1) Main Polish Public National TV news (Channel 1 - TVP1) - (some 10 million watching 😞
October 2017:
News on MedApp in hospital (ECZ Otwock), please note we work on Philips Angiography C-arm (Philips Allura FD 20) machine I've patched to work with HL1 two years before MS&Philips shoot the "HL2 Demo Concept Video" 😉
And this has been clinically used on patients for 3 years already in hospital:

[note: subtitles in English available]

2) The above method has been published in this POC article where You can compare segmented arteries model based on prior CT scan (first video shots) versus "ad hoc" created volume rendering hologram made directly from Cone Beam CT during the procedure (second video). So this is how we "turn patients into holograms" during the intervention "ad hoc":

3) With ECZ hospital as the main test-site, MedApp is collaborating with numerous sites where the CarnaLife Holo software has been implemented in many different clinical scenarios over the past 3 years. Below is a programmed on the Main Polish Private TV Broadcast (owned by Discovery) presenting the usage of HL in abdominal aneurysm operation procedure in Medical University of Warsaw main hospital (I used to work there for 10 years during my residency so can assure these are Poland's leading vascular surgeons)
December 2018
[note: subtitles in English available]

4) MS CEO Satya Nadella about MedApp (already in 2017):

5) MedApp was directly referred to by Mr. Satya Nadella in Microsoft 2018 report in "OPPORTUNITY AND IMPACT" chapter.

6) Microsoft shoots a nice video about MedApp:

7) Our recent program about Mixed Reality in Medicine. Presented on main Polish National TV (milions watching)
MedApp /doctors from ECZ Otwock talk about Hololens in medicine - right after the HL2 release announcement.
March 2019
Main Polish Public National TV - Channel 2 (TVP2)

Maybe it's chance to cooperate in global actions in AR?