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HOT OFF THE PRESS: 2018 #MSInspire Social Media Guide

Hey #MSPartner! I'm excited to share with our 2018 MS Inspire Social Media Guide with you - attached.

In it you'll find an overview of our social activation plans leading up to, onsite and post-MS Inspire, along with pre-written social copy and image assets that you can share on your own social channels to help us drive engagement and conversation for our biggest partner event of the year.

Appreciate your partnership, as always, and look forward to seeing you in Vegas this July!



Thanks Jenny! Using Social Media as a vital part of your marketing strategy really pays off!

We need more partners to embrace Digital Marketing in general and with the risk of generalizing, I would say that many partners need to invest much more in Digital Marketing and perhaps shift funding from traditional sales in order to be able to spend more on Digital Marketing. Clever Digital Marketing with a strong Social Media presence will also benefit the sales teams as they will be fed with better leads.

Important is to always be authentic and generate as much content as you can in-house - then an agency can help you polish and amplify, but the core message needs to be crafted by you! 


Regards, Per

Level 5 Contributor


This is awesome!  I did notice the ".zip" file is not able to be downloaded.  Is that an error of the system or me 😉 


Hey there David - thanks, and nice twibbon on your profile pic 🙂

I just tried downloading and it worked for me. It's a large file ~70MB so may require a few minutes.