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Microsoft Inspire 2020 Discussions

Tune in for the Inspire Digital Event and connect with partners, Microsoft and Industry experts.


Here We Go! Partner-Led Communities Prepare for Inspire 2020

Microsoft partner-led communities typically spend many months preparing for Inspire. This year, partners and Microsoft have all quickly pivoted to the new all-digital format for Inspire 2020. With just weeks to plan, prepare and execute, here are ways that partners including the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), Voices for Innovation (VFI), Women in Cloud (WIC), and The Women in Technology Network (TWN) are participating:

Partner-Led Community Connections –

  • Speaking sessions, roundtables and expert panels
  • Digital gatherings, discussions, and resources here on Microsoft Partner Community

Special Programming –

  • Virtual experiences before and during Inspire, including virtual brunches and luncheons featuring senior Microsoft leadership speakers and guests

Programming –

  • Participating in partner interviews and partner stories during the interstitial programming shown throughout Inspire
  • Applying for (and receiving!) Partner of the Year Awards (also featured as interstitial programming)

We’re looking forward to the varied content and topics that partners are bringing, along with the passion and inspiration that comes from joining together with tens of thousands of Microsoft partner professionals from around the globe!