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Join our Winning Azure Migrations Webinar

Did you know Microsoft grew Azure 50% in Q4 of 2020? This got us thinking, did your MSP practice grow by the same? If not yours, what about your partners?

•Have you built the right strategic stories for your Azure prospects and customers?

•Are you meeting your Azure goals?

•Are your customers going to be the same in the next 24 months?

Alinea Partners works with 100s of Microsoft partners every year. We have a lot of Azure Benchmarking and Best Practice data as well as Learnings that we are happy to share.


Join our Winning Azure Migrations Webinar!

The webinar focuses on companies that want to:

•Get into a strategic vs. technical discussion with clients about Azure Migrations

•Shorten time to close by up to 90% (proven over 2 years with +500 Microsoft partners)

We will give you an overview of the current vs. ideal sales process, answer Azure questions, share data and show you 2 Azure Migration Viability Tools, developed by our cooperation partner CloudLab that Microsoft will be highlighting in FY21:

•1 for quickly turning tech output files into strategic information for proposals and business plans

•1 for more in-depth CEO-level business plans

We will show you how to sign-up and get the best deals as well.

Who should attend: Microsoft, Microsoft Partners, Microsoft Distribution Partners, Microsoft Indirect Providers

Leahanne Hobson, CEO/ Founder, Alinea Partners

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