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How one Microsoft partner helped a customer by focusing on their Business Need – not the Technology


Are you just selling to the IT department? Do you aspire to sell higher-up in the organization? Or do you want to target prospects at the C-Level?  Read the story of a Microsoft partner who did just that.

Let us consider the following example: A Microsoft partner has a customer who is a web design and hosting agency with thousands of clients. The Agency is currently operating their own on-premises web hosting system and is under huge pressure by their clients for better performance. The IT department is under pressure to add better functionality to make content available faster.

The Microsoft partner began their sales conversation with an IT Manager and provided a technical solution and a price.  The IT Manager was pushing for budget, but the project wasn’t moving forward.



So, they changed their strategy.


They asked for a meeting with the CEO to address the performance levels the company wanted to offer its clients.  How did the company want to be known in the market? What service level did they want to offer? And what would that experience look like? 


This turned into a very productive meeting with the CEO explaining their goals and client commitments.  In fact, the initial deal increased in size.  They were able to provide fully automated scalability, redundancy, and business continuity -- even during planned maintenance. They also arranged to post content to be available in under 1 second globally.  Finally, they started a pilot project to roll-out integrated web shops to their top client’s clients – adding project management and onboarding to the project.  The CEO was able to communicate to her clients that they were proactive, innovative and would work harder than other companies to offer the most modern experiences.



This Microsoft partner went in at the right level and had a valid business conversation which resulted in a much faster time to close, larger deal and increased customer satisfaction.


All too often, technical salespeople rely on their core strength and start at the opposite end of the chain. Instead of persuading the C-Level first, many sales conversations still start with IT Managers, leaving it to chance to persuade the others up the line.


By flipping the traditional sales process around and beginning with the business discussion, the partner was able to uncover a significant opportunity.


Translating technical aspect into smart tangible business outcomes in the language of the business leader is at the heart of this success.


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