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Workshop: How to sell through Microsoft's commercial marketplace

Microsoft’s commercial marketplace offers powerful functionality to enable your sales and growth strategy. The platform enables organizations to find, try, and buy best in class software and IT services, and it allows providers to reach customers through web stores, an expansive network of resellers, and a global sales team.


The webinar on how to sell through Microsoft’s commercial marketplace on-demand recording is now available!


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This workshop teaches ISVs how to benefit from Microsoft’s commercial marketplace as a sales channel, configure offerings according to desired business models, and integrate with commerce platform functionality to leverage transaction capabilities.


The session includes:

  • Overview of the commercial marketplace strategy and sales channels
  • Offer types and software implementation models
  • Monetization and billing options
  • Legal considerations and agency approach
  • Technical integration and publishing process
  • Frequently asked questions


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Hi @brian_levenson ,

Is it possible to use the "leverage VM pricing" for Solutions Template that utilize Intel SGX compute nodes (DC2/4)? It seems that these VMs are not available in the "Recommended VM Sizes" selection when creating a VM offer.

Is it because the Confidential Computing program is still in public preview? Will it be supported once it is officially launched?




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