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Virtual Machines Offer - where to add the result of certification test tool?



I have created a VM without data disk just VHD which contain the OS and our application. I have run the "certification tool" and generated the results as zip file. Where exactly should I add this zip file? Should I start my image, connect through SSH and add this zip under my user home dir: /users/ubuntu ? 




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Hi Yuval,


Happy Tuesday!

If your offer is eligible and passed all validations you should publish it in Partner Center.

You can refer to this documentation for next steps: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/partner-center-portal/publishing-status#certification 


Let me know if this helps,


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Hi Andra,


Thanks for your response.

I have run the certification tool as described here:


At the end, it is written: "...Save the results in the same container as your VHD(s)." 

My offer is of VIRTUAL MACHINES type, not a container.

The results is a zip file:  T2_07_02_2019_03_08_22.zip

Where should I attach this zip file?






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Put the zip in the same storage account blob container as the vhd.

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Executing the following command:

./azcopy cp ../T2_07_02_2019_03_08_22.zip https://yuvaldoridisks826.blob.core.windows.net/certification-tool-results/T2_07_02_2019_03_08_22.zip


I'm receiving an authorization error. See below. the full log is attached. 

(I had no problem creating the container by execute:

./azcopy make https://yuvaldoridisks826.blob.core.windows.net/certification-tool-results)



   RESPONSE Status: 403 This request is not authorized to perform this operation using this permission.

   Content-Length: [280]

   Content-Type: [application/xml]

   Date: [Wed, 10 Jul 2019 09:28:40 GMT]

   Server: [Windows-Azure-Blob/1.0 Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0]

   X-Ms-Error-Code: [AuthorizationPermissionMismatch]

   X-Ms-Request-Id: [7858c334-e01c-005b-3c01-37d119000000]

   X-Ms-Version: [2018-11-09]


2019/07/10 09:28:40 JobID=44eb80fd-f62c-6b45-68d3-1ea90acf0615, Part#=0, TransfersDone=1 of 1

2019/07/10 09:28:40 all parts of Job 44eb80fd-f62c-6b45-68d3-1ea90acf0615 successfully completed, cancelled or paused

2019/07/10 09:28:40 PERF: primary performance constraint is Unknown. States: R:  0, 😧  0, W:  0, F:  0, B:  0, T:  0

2019/07/10 09:28:40


Job 44eb80fd-f62c-6b45-68d3-1ea90acf0615 summary

Elapsed Time (Minutes): 0.0667

Total Number Of Transfers: 1

Number of Transfers Completed: 0

Number of Transfers Failed: 1

Number of Transfers Skipped: 0

TotalBytesTransferred: 0

Final Job Status: Failed