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Validation of Apps/Packages is taking too long

Back since the days, when I submitted my first app for my previous company, this service was free and it still took only 2-3 days to get back a validation response.


Now, that the program is paid and there are so many platforms for the market place products, it has taken almost 9 days and still haven't received a response.

For someone just launched a product as a startup with few potential leads waiting to try out the product, its a nightmare.



I work with Commercial Marketplace Operations with the certification teams for Azure Apps, VMs, and Containers.  I would like to hear back from you in a private message with your contact information.  I can work with you and our product group to discuss pain points.



Becky Gaudet

Level 3 Contributor

 9 days? feel happy, that's in the SLA < 14days! 🙂 i wait now for at least 2 Month for final certification of an azure template app, always waiting weeks just to get certification rejected, make changes and wait again

Level 3 Contributor

just to continue the story: after one more week one of the certification contacted me just to inform that he can't find my solution in the workflow and i should start the approval again...i did so and now the time for waiting starts again, no resonse so far 😞

Another offering, which was live for > 6 Month, i wanted to update "Just" the contact data... result: since the change 3x rejected for reasons like "your screenshoot contains personal information" --> explained that screenshoots contain demo data only just to get rejected again 😉 ... .horrible experience!

Visitor 2

18 days, to receive an email saying my offer needs some attention before we can provide you with an offer preview. You can find the specifics of the issue by reviewing your submission "here". The here takes me to the offer where there are zero specifics... Well I don't see them, am I missing anything?? very confused... most of the help links don't work anymore either...