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Transactable Dynamics CE & Powerapps offers in AppSource

We're having trouble understanding how Dynamics CE & PowerApps offers work.   Our goal in publishing in AppSource is customer user management and monetization while enabling our solution to be installed on the customer's tenant.  We currently have our offer published with the "Contact Me" option as there is no transactable option.  From there we don't understand what happens when a customer contacts us.  Say for example a customer contacts us and wants to buy 10 licenses at $495/month/user, including the required Microsoft licenses to run our solution. 


- How does our managed solution & demo data get to the Customer's tenant?

- How do we manage and assign licenses to their users (ISV studio?)

- How does the money change hands?

- Do we have access to their Tenant for solution upgrades and customization?

- How do we remove access if a customer stops paying?

- How does the cloud embed program work?


We've been through all of the documentation, and from what we can tell only SaaS offerings are transactable (which seem to be a separate category from Dynamics for CE/PowerApps).  

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I would add also that ability to prevent pirating of our intellectual property and enforce licensing values. 

This thread is exactly what limits AppSource as a viable way to market our solutions.