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SaaS Fulfillment API Integration


We are in the process of setting up our cloud application pipe9.com as SaaS in Partner Center. We want to sell through Microsoft and are trying to implement SaaS fulfilment API’s based on the below documentation:


This is our first time doing something like this. We are able to understand what should be done with respect to API integration code that is provided in the document. Our dev team are not sure how to start the process – like in:

  1. ‘How do we receive the parameters from Microsoft? If we can get an idea about this – it will help us integrate fulfilment API’s.
  2. ‘When a customer initiates a purchase, the partner receives this information in an authorization code on a customer-interactive web page that uses a URL parameter’
    Is it possible for you to share a sample of the authorization code you will send us?   

Being new to this – we tried searching for the info but are not able to find one.

Please feel free to share any other documentation or resources that will be of help to us.


Thanks in advance for your help.



Re: SaaS Fulfillment API Integration

Hi @billygraham 


I am attaching/sharing a Postman collection script that has the sequence of the API calls you are requesting.  It was helpful to me when I started working with the Azure Marketplace API.





Re: SaaS Fulfillment API Integration

Hi Billy:

Here are 3 Additional GitHub Repositories which contain sample code which can help you implement SaaS and the Billing API integration:

* API client sample, https://github.com/Ercenk/AzureMarketplaceSaaSApiClient
* Integration sample, https://github.com/Ercenk/ContosoAMPBasic
* Azure Credentials - how to create Applications, Service Principals and perform Role Assignment in Azure Resource Manager - https://github.com/pendrica/azure-credentials

Re: SaaS Fulfillment API Integration

Even better this one:




This one is a full solution that supports fixed, users and meters made by the community.  It has the landing page implementation as a WebApp and a separate Admin page also as WebApp.  The Admin page supports some of the API actions like changing and cancellation of plans.