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Payout and Tax Information

When trying to publish a SaaS app in Azure Marketplace, I am greeted with the following: 


The Dev Center account is not eligible to publish paid offers. Please fill out Payout and Tax Account information for the Dev Center profile linked to publisher 'account_id_here'.


However, I'm unable to ascertain via documentation where I update Payout and Tax Account information to clear this error. Can anyone help with this? 


Thank you, 



Hi Nick, 


Thanks for bringing this up. In order for Publishers to create Transcat offers, they need to first register with the DevCenter. This is outlined here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/become-publisher#5-register-in-dev-center-for-transact-publishing-option-only  


Once you register your company with DevCenter, you need to go back to the Cloud Publishing Portal, in the Publisher Tab, and connect your Publisher profile with the newly created DevCenter Account. 


After this is done, the account will be enabled for creating and publishing Transact offers. 







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Hello Patrick, 


I am now configuring to get our services & platform published on the Azure Marketplace. But I am stuck at the Email owner verification stage. In spite of trying everything - somehow i do not receive the email for verification. Could you please guide me in resolving this issue? Thanks, Parthive