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Participation Requested: Change the Price of a Live Offer in Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft commercial marketplace team is excited to announce the kickoff of the private preview of the ability to make price changes to live Azure Marketplace offers. Today if you want to change the price of a plan, a new plan must be created, and existing customers migrated to the new plan. The preview gives you the ability to change prices for existing plans, Microsoft automatically notifies your customers of the upcoming billing changes, and price increases are displayed on the product listing page.

We are looking for software vendors to test the experience of changing the price of a live offer.  The first five companies to onboard, complete the change, and provide feedback to the marketplace team will receive $2,000 in Azure Sponsorship.


To be eligible for this opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

  • An existing live, transactable offer listed on Azure Marketplace (public or private plan)
  • The offer must have an existing customer base
  • The price of the offer must be greater than $0.00 USD
  • Have a legitimate business reason to increase/decrease the price of the offer
  • A price change is scheduled to occur between November 2021 and January 2022

If you are eligible for this opportunity and interested in participating, please contact: liveofferpricechange@microsoft.com


Azure Sponsorship Offers are subject to the Terms and Conditions described at Azure Sponsorship Offer | Microsoft Azure