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Offer in approval status for weeks?



We are in the process of publishing an offer. However, it has had the status "Under approval" with Microsoft for more than a week, though it says this should take 1-2 days. What is wrong?


Best regards,

Knut A. Strom-Gundersen


Hi Knut,


I can't speculate on the cause of the long approval process in your particular situation from this post, but I can help you move toward getting unblocked.


Quick question: Have you opened a support request with commercial marketplace publisher support? If you haven't already, please do so at the link here: aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport.


When you copy and paste this link:


  • Don't change the first two drop downs, as they have been pre-populated to route you to a commercial marketplace support specialist. Start with "select the product version" and choose the appropriate selection for your issue 
  • Select the category that best describes your issue (this is aligned with the offer type you're trying to publish)
  • Select the problem that best describes your issue
  • Once you move on to the next screen, provide a short issue title and describe your issue in detail in the designated fields
  • Click through and provide the contact method that works best for you - given potential time differences, I would suggest email to meet the 8 business hour SLA

Once you have a ticket number, someone from support will be in touch to provide more detailed information. If you run into any issues, or if you've already done this, please let me know.





Hi @knutsg 


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I am sorry to hear that you encountered such problem. With the hope that your issue will be solved as soon as possible, I am adding @Maevan to have a look at this, maybe his expertise will be conclusive. 


@Maevan I hope you are good and thank you very much for helping on this matter, let me know if you need something from my side


Thank you!