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Marketplace Go-to-Market (GTM) benefits

Marketplace Go-to-Market (GTM) benefits

Once your solution is live on Azure Marketplace and/or AppSource, it is a great time to take advatange of all the GTM benefits we offer. You can find the list of benfits here (also attached), and learn more about the benefits that are available through the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Comment if you have any questions!


Level 1 Contributor

Thanks Yonit.

So I've had two listings on AppSource for over a year now, and not seen/been contacted at all about these GTM benefits. 

How do I access these?


Dan Hesketh
Director - MiiiA Pty Ltd

This program was launched January 2018. Benefits have been offered to new listings since that time. If your offerings were launched over a year ago they would have preceded the program launch.


There's a ton of benefits that can help you get the word out and help your customers to find you! Thanks for highligting!


Regards, Per