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Making offer on commercial marketplace transactable?

What is the benefit for ISV in making their Commercial marketplace offer transactable?


Hi Vatika - you're correct that BYOL offers would be transacted directly between the provider and the customer with deployment happening through Microsoft.


Here are some of the benefits - in addition to Marketplace Rewards - associated with selling through Microsoft. The bold items only apply if transacted through Microsoft's commercial marketplace.


Web and in-product experiences drive awareness and demand for your products, deployments happen automatically and seamlessly into the customer's environment, the commerce capabilities allow you to monetize software easily, selling on Microsoft paper accelerates the customer procurement process, eligibility to draw down a customer’s Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment unlocks budget otherwise allocated, and both Microsoft sellers and resellers are incentivized to position partner solutions with their customers.

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@ellacroi Thanks for the reply.


Can't the BYOL offer be sold to the customers directly? Does making offer transactable ensures more leads for the offer when compared to non-transactable offer?


Hi vatika11,


Transacting through the marketplace offers you the ability to sell your software directly to customers, with Microsoft handling the transaction (including customer collections), and also through the Cloud Solution Provider channel. It also helps you access white glove support through Marketplace Rewards so that you can use marketing, sales, and technical benefits to increase your sales. 


Take a look at an introductory video here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/asset/detail/introduction-to-the-commercial-marketplace-mp4


You can learn more about Marketplace Rewards here: aka.ms/marketplacerewards