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Issues with billing country/region restrictions



We recently launched our marketplace offer.

Multiple clients have complained that they can not change the Country/Region field when entering credit card information which prevented them from purchasing our product.

All the resources I found indicate that the country/region can not be changed after the tenant was created.

I understand the logic behind this restriction, but as I mentioned we are losing business because of it.

Has anyone encountered this issue? how did you resolve it?





Hi Omri,


You are correct, and the country field within the billing address on AppSource is locked to the country of the customer's Azure Active Directory tenant. There is some documentation here that explains this, although there's not much more detail than what you described.


The impact to customers' ability to complete purchases and our partners' business is well understood by the product group, and we're actively evaluating means to change this behavior. Unfortunately, it's highly complex and has tax/regulatory implications, so it is taking some time. When we have an estimate for changing this functionality, we'll be very excited to announce it as part of our roadmap (to keep up to date on our roadmap and recent releases: https://aka.ms/MarketplaceUpdates).



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I was not able to access the link you provided.