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Improvement suggestions: Marketplace - working with Plans



Based upon a finalized discussion with Marketplace backoffice. I was request to post this post for Marketplace improvements. The area is within managing your plans. Suggested improvements cover:

  • After publishing a plan it can't be removed, even if stopped. Cluttering the offer.
  • Pricing updates can't take effect until after 90 days (increase) after publishing. Working with new plans without and subscription results in being forced to create a new plan if any misstakes were spotted in the published plan, as a forced wait of 90 days is required. Again wrong stopped plans can't be removed.
  • After publishing price dimensions, very limited updates are available for each dimension after publishing. If wordings are wrong or it looks bad at marketplace it can't be fixed without creating a new dimension. Again old dimensions are not being able to be removed. Cluttering the plan.
  • Conversion from USD is displayed with 5 decimals for non USD markets. Always requiring a manual fix to avoid the offer to look weird.
  •  Unable to sort dimensions when displayed in Marketplace. Hence when working with price tiers they show up in random order, making a poor end customer experience.
  • Bug in Marketplace offer display page. "Monthly subscription fee:" is shown twice. The display first relates to "1-month quantity included in base" and not the subscription fee. Hence totally confusing the customer.


Some minor improvement suggestions which would significantly decrease the frustration of an transact ISV partner.