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How to see Power BI AppSource customers who click call to action "Get It Now" ?

Hi Everyone,

We published our Power BI offer on Microsoft App Source with the call to action "Get It Now". I got some leads. I tried to engage them via email. There was not enough reply to my email.


Also, I checked Marketplace Insights, but it is not enough insights.

I want to see how many users downloaded our offer and used it? 





Hi Mustafa,


I think you're looking in the right place, and there are two places to confirm:

  • Within Partner Center, under Commercial Marketplace, you'll see an Analyze tab. This is where you can find downloads, purchases, and engagement data.
  • For each offer you publish, you can define the location where we route leads generated by customers on AppSource or Azure Marketplace.


If you've checked those two places and don't see the data that you're expecting, I'd encourage you to submit a support case so that our team can investigate. You can engage the support team here: https://aka.ms/MarketplacePublisherSupport



Level 4 Contributor

With Arria NLG’s add-in for Power BI, you can narrate key facts and insights you want to highlight for your readers using natural language generation (NLG). Arria’s add-in offers three levels of customization:

Out-of-the-box insights. This option lets you tell the add-in what it needs to know to automatically generate insights from your dataset with a few clicks of configuration.
Extendable insights. In this option, you can quickly customize the out-of-the-box narratives by revising narrative scripts in NLG Studio.
Programmable narratives. This option gives you the most flexibility and enables you to create your own custom narratives for specific use cases, with the full programmability of NLG Studio.
By adding Arria’s powerful NLG functionality to your Power BI Desktop, you equip yourself with the ability to generate narratives for any type of data-driven visual, or for underlying data, across the entire dashboard. Now you can generate natural language that explains the most important insights and key drivers, often not captured in your visuals.


Out-of-the-box or fully programmable narratives backed by Arria’s Insight APIs and NLG Studio
By setting configuration options, you generate narratives suited for your specific use case
To further customize the out-of-the-box options, you can extend the narrative by modifying scripts in NLG Studio
No limit to the number of dimensions or measures

Narratives are fully interactive
Narratives created for any type of data-driven visual, or even for underlying data not visualized in your report
Encode your human, BI-analyst knowledge into the system – don’t settle for what’s been written into templates by developers who don’t know your domain
Built-in integration of NLG to make your Power BI analytics more informative and easier to understand
Tightly coupled workflow between Power BI and NLG Studio for designing, publishing, and connecting the NLG project to the visualization
Full flexibility for the BI developer – interpret the findings, summarize the key insights, point out specific facts, or tell the whole story in as many words as you need
Fast-track access to the Arria Store: Leverage the work of NLG engineers, data scientists, and other BI developers who have created applications and published them there
Use Arria’s starter projects and sample applications
Quick Start Guide: https://samples.studio.arria.com/v2-powerbi/

Release Notes: https://samples.arria.com/v2-powerbi-rns/

If you want to go beyond the out-of-the-box narratives offered by this add-in, you'll need an Arria NLG Studio account. Sign up for the free trial: https://app.studio.arria.com/

Add-in capabilities
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