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Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Learn how to grow your business by publishing your cloud solution on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace


How to choose between Azure Marketplace and AppSource?

Want to know more about Azure Marketplace, AppSource, and which one is right for you? Here is a simple explanation:

Microsoft provides two distinct Marketplace storefronts that allow partners to list offers, enable trials, and transact directly with Microsoft’s customers and ecosystem: Azure Marketplace and AppSource. These storefronts allow customers to find, try, and buy applications and services that accelerate their Digital Transformation, and help publishers grow their businesses by increasing access to Microsoft’s customers and partner ecosystem. 

The Marketplace storefronts are aligned to audiences and Microsoft cloud products to help customers find exactly what they need. Each storefront offers specialized publishing options, to help you maximize your publishing investment summarized by the following table:


Azure Marketplace


Target Audience

IT Professionals, Developers (specialist roles include DBAs, SecOps, DevOps, etc.)

Line of Business Decision-Makers (specialist roles include Procurement, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.)

Built to Extend


Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365, PowerBI, and Power Apps

Types of Solutions and Services

Infrastructure Solutions and Professional Services

Finished Line of Business Apps and Professional Services

Publishing Options

Contact Me, Consulting Services Offer, Trial, Virtual Machine, Solution Templates, and Managed Apps

Contact Me, Consulting Services Offer, or Trial

In-app Experience

Azure Portal and CLI 

Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office client apps


For more detailed information, feel free to download the Azure Marketplaces Publisher Guide.

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Hi, my company ask me to build a Word Web AddIn which I tested it in on Office 2019 installed locally on the machine of my collegue by using the sidelocal approach. So I created a network shared folder where I did put the manifest and I did publish the html application on IIS reachable via https.

Now is time to deploy the addin to make it public and my asks are:

Can I use AppSource to deploy it to ? I have to pay for this ? if yes how are the cost ?

Can I use MS. Marketplace to deploy it to ?  I have to pay for this ? if yes how are the cost ?

There are other ways to make the addin public to be downloaded and used in word ? 

Can I create an installation program which can be downloaded from the user to install the addin ?

Last: if I have to use the marketplaces which one is better AppSOurce or Ms Marketplace ?


Thank you in advance

Best Regards









@gioking : See here for getting started: Deploy and publish Office Add-ins - Office Add-ins | Microsoft Learn For Office AddIns, AppSource is the only option, those can't be listed in Azure Marketplace.

Kind regards, Janosch
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Visitor 1

Well defined and distinguished it cleared up my possible doubts, thanks myarkoni

Visitor 1


Is this still a relevant outline of the differentiation between the two marketplaces? Specifically regarding the target audience piece.




Great comparison! There are many partners out there that have been asking this question and your table is easy to understand!


Regards, Per