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Feature request: Add ability to change Software Plan -order

In the "Get it now" section for our offer, it is currently not possible to edit the order of the different SKUs in the drop down list. Our first and oldest release is on top by default and new releases are placed at the bottom. It makes sense for publishers to be able to edit the order in the drop down menu in the partner portal.  We would, and I assume most publishers would want to have their newest release on top.


Thank you,

Morten Vejlgaard



Just confirming that I've formally submitted the feature request to the product management team responsible for this functionality.

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Not OP, but we fall into similar catageory. Great to see consistent update on user requests from Azure team.


Thank you! I've included INVOKECloud as an interested partner.


Hi Morten, this is a great suggestion and very reasonable. I'll submit this into our backlog for consideration and triage. In the meantime, I'll also seek to confirm how the order is determined in case there is a workaround we can use.