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Enrollment verification emails

Whatever email address I use or whatever domain, so user@ourdomain.com user@gmail.com etc.

Nothing ever comes through, we leave it 24 hours but it never arrives.

 How can I get help for this? Is there a phone line I can call?

2018-10-12 14_03_49-Microsoft Edge.png

Level 2 Contributor

I am having the same problem with employment verification and I am the owner of the company with no employees.  Support looks like that does not care about this issue, I am dealing with that for more than 30 days and now I cannot renew my partnership, I think they want me to get out of the program once I am a small company.  I am patner since 2007 and when they change to this new website they change to one that is fancy but does not work at all.  What is the employment verification? How it is done to be rejected?  This is crap of some lazy and bureacratic employee that decides to check a thing that they are not able to check and did not add value to the process. I already opened two incidents with no success!


Hi CelsoP,

Sorry to hear that, could you please share the SR # for the submitted tickets? We will track them down. 




Sometimes the verification email ends up to going to junk folder. Please check.

If you're still unable to find it, please select the Dev Center's support link on the top banner of the Dashboard. 




Melbek - Is this screenshot from https://cloudpartner.azure.com ? Or is this from another site?



I recommend raising a support ticket in https://cloudpartner.azure.com

1. Go to  https://cloudpartner.azure.com, Then click in the support icon (?), and click Support:


2. Select the Problem TypeCategory and fill up the ticket information: createIncident2.png