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Create extension for "AppSource" using JS & HTML

Hello Team,


We have a new project in hand where we have to develop an extension/ plugin / widget for a client on various CRM systems. Till now, we have completed our R & D in Zoho CRM and Salesforce. Zoho provides its own CLI to help us develop an extension using vanilla JS and HTML. Salesforce has its own framework sort-of-tool called Lightning Web Components, which again is syntactically very close to Javascript & HTML.


When it comes to making such a plugin for Microsoft Dynamics, and publishing on AppSource, we have not been able to find any proper resource. It's been a week and we feel a little lost.


We were looking to build a widget-like entity that helps customers with their Microsoft Dynamics Sales. Is it possible to do build such a widget using Javascript and HTML? If not, what are the tools to be used for making such a widget?