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Create ISV SAAS in Microsoft partner marketplace for D365 FO


Lets assume I am a Microsoft certified Gold partner and I have create an ISV names PowerSales 1.0 .(PowerSales as an example can have any sort of customization).


I would like to understand how I can sell this ISV to the customers via the Microsoft marketplace as an SAAS where clients can directly go and subscribe to it and on expiration can again activate it.
In this case how will the licensing structure work.


Also since this is D365 FO how will the packages deploy because lets say I am updating my ISV PowerSales every month to  version 1.2,.1.3 and so on. So how will the client update his envt . Will he have to everytime upload the package provided by me in and run it via the lcs  or there is some better approach.


Also can we provide an ISV in D365 FO based on users , eg I would like to enable the powerSales functionality only for 10 users then client will have to purchase 10 licenses.


In case client wants to update the license users to 16  in that case they will only update the license or there is no such thing in license for number of users.