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Commercial marketplace roadmap update - February 2020

We held the February edition of the monthly roadmap webinar last week on the 24th, and the recording is available for on-demand viewing.


Click here to register for access to the video.


In the 30 minute session, we covered the following topics:

  • Recently release functionality
    • Contract amendments for SaaS offers
    • Expanded geo availability for Consulting Services
    • M365 app monetization strategy (free app + paid SaaS service)
    • Office Store experience in Partner Center for managing M365 offers
    • Enhanced reporting for publishers in Partner Center
    • SaaS webhook testing tool
  • Storefront enhancements for SEO, offer search, and category alignment
  • Offer creation, management, and co-sell in Partner Center
  • Marketplace Rewards benefits management in Partner Center
  • Transactable SaaS offer SDK
  • Deep dive into Azure Managed Apps and metered billing functionality
  • Content updates for publisher guide and buyer guide