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Can't publish since new Core

On July 2nd I got the following email from Microsoft:


"We’ve added 7 core prices for your VMs—you now have 25 options for each SKU. We’ve automatically populated your rates based on your current pricing structure. Please review the new pricing and make any updates by August 1, 2019, after which the default pricing will take effect."


Since then I have not been able to publish updates to our hourly per-core priced virtual machine offering.


When looking in the compare tab I see that the new core prices have been automatically updated, and all the boxes in the pricing section of the sku tab are grayed out since pricing can't be updated once a offer is published. 


Unfortunately when I actually publish I get an error message "Invalid offer was provided in the request body."


Looking at the network console I can see that the publish request comes back with an error that looks like {\"code\":\"SchemaValidationError\",\"message\":\"Target: ['regionsPrices[\\\"RW\\\"].coresTarget: [\\\"48core\\\"]'], Error: The following core combinations are missing: '48core'\",\"target\":\"definition.plans['0']['virtualMachinePricingV2']\"}" repeated for each of the new core combinations.


So it looks like the prices for the new core counts are being added on the client but not actually included in the publish call causing it to fail.


I opened support request #1907030010002990 on the 7/3 but have not heard back.


Is anyone else having this problem?


Re: Can't publish since new Core

Hi FileMage,


Sorry to hear this. Did you get a response from the support team yet?