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Azure certification of Linux based VM require SSH access?

We are in the process of creating a marketplace offer for our Linux based VM. Our product does not provide direct access via SSH to a Linux shell. Instead, SSH login takes you to our own command line interface. So for us to run the certification tool we need to create a special user and connect to a special port. For the Microsoft certification phase during publishing, is direct SSH access to a shell required?


This is documented as option for locked-down VM types:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/azure-vm-certification-faq#locked-down-or-ssh-disabled-offer So, generally this is possible.


You can also reach out to my team to get a 1:1 consultation on publishing offers (see my signature), this is not really my area of expertise.




Kind regards, Janosch
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@JanoschUlmer may have some resources to share on this, but I'm not positive. Worth a shot. 🙂

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Hi, we are in a similar situation. Our VM do not give access to the linux shell for security reason, only a proprietary CLI for configuration

So, finally, did you get an answer about this issue ?