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Azure Marketplace and Cloud Solution Provider Updates – March 2019

Starting Friday, we began rolling out a set of back-end commerce capabilities that bring benefits to the Azure Marketplace and Cloud Solution Provider platform. We are very excited about this milestone and the fact that we are launching new capabilities that enhance the value proposition of marketplace for our partners. This just the beginning of the journey of increased investment and innovation in the way we go to market with partners.


Marketplace Publishers

  • Marketplace publishers can now configure their Azure Marketplace offerings to be available through Cloud Solution Provider resellers and the in-product marketplace for CSP subscriptions.
  • Marketplace publishers can now make offerings available in 53 additional geographies.
  • SaaS publishers can now offer subscriptions with annual billing terms and pricing.
  • Standard Contract terms are available for use by software vendors.

Cloud Solution Providers

  • Direct Bill and Indirect Providers now have access to an expanded catalog of products from additional software vendors who have configured their offerings to opt-in to the CSP channel.
  • A new Marketplace discovery page is available in the Sell section of Partner Center with the ability to export a complete list of offerings, details, and prices.
  • Subscriptions to SaaS offerings provided by Microsoft’s partners can be established through the Partner Center experience and APIs, and resources that are billed by consumption are deployed through the Azure management portal.


Join us on April 3rd for an Azure Marketplace update and roadmap webinar, and make sure to check out the new and updated resources listed below the FAQs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the release schedule for these features?

A1: Roll out began March 1st and is expected to complete by the end of the month. The Cloud Partner Portal for publishers and Partner Center for CSP partners will see these updates first, with the Partner Center APIs following shortly. Communications will be published once release is complete.

Q2: Are Azure Marketplace offerings available to the CSP catalog by default?

A2: No, publishers must take a deliberate action to make their transactable products available through resellers.

Q3: Will CSP partners receive incentives for selling Azure Marketplace offerings?

A3: CSP partners receive incentives and benefits for driving Azure consumption, and Azure Marketplace offerings lead to increased Azure consumption. There are no unique incentives.

Q4: Are these features mandatory?

A4: No. Publishers can choose whether to leverage these capabilities, and CSP partners are not required to sell Azure Marketplace offerings.


Publisher Resources


Cloud Solution Provider Resources

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