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Add vCPUs column when display pricing in Marketplace

For the following FlashGrid pricing






we request to change "cores" to "vCPUs" in the table, or display both, i.e. add one more column for “vCPUs”.


We understand the technical differences between a "core" and "vCPU". However, the way Marketplace labels both as "cores" is very misleading.

It is OK to name a "single-threaded" core as a "vCPU" because in this case 1 vCPU = 1 core.

But it is NOT OK to name one vCPU on a double-threaded core as a "core", because in this case 1 vCPU = 1/2 core.


Community Manager

hi @mishabykov ,


I retrieved your post, the system most likely viewed the words in CAPS as potential post for solicitation, spam or unwanted content.

Nevertheless, I moved your post from the Ideas Section for more visibility, that one is designated for feedbacks around this forums platform.

Thank you,