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Surface Hub Briefings Fall / Winter 2021

Surface Hubista on tarjolla koulutusta.


Useampi mahdollisuus osallistua, ajat alkuillasta Suomen aikaa.


Ilmoittautuminen on invitation only, eli jos haluatte mukaan, niin laittakaa viestiä minulle: harrimik@microsoft.com 



The Hub briefing is offered via a regular schedule of Teams meetings in September, October, November, and December and each is approximately 75-90 minutes long.  A Surface Hub subject matter expert guides attendees through several Hub scenarios and experiences including:

  • Microsoft Team OS on Surface Hub 2S 50”; Teams collaboration through the Microsoft Whiteboard, password-less authentication
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro on Surface Hub 2S 50”; use case scenarios, device demonstration
  • 85” Surface Hub discussion; includes demonstration of device, disclosure of specs and OS discussion, view of future capabilities
  • Integrating Surface Hub with an Microsoft Teams Room (MTR)

There is the opportunity for some Q&A with the presenter and additional Surface Hub experts will be attending to help address questions via the meeting chat stream.