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Section for customer facing powerpoint presentations

Status: New
Level 2 Contributor
Level 2 Contributor

I have been working as Microsoft partner for 8 years now and the most chalenging part is to find the right powerpoint presentation for my workshops.


For example, Cisco provide a section in partner portal with all sort of presentations (partner programs, customer facing, etc....)


It would be great to see Microsoft provide such location where we can find content with good search engine.


Aymen MAMI

Technical Sales Manager



Visitor 1

Yes please!!!! This is so badly needed. Customer asks about the latest feature of a specific product and I have to do a Google search to find updates, articles, etc and then update an internal deck. Would save so much time if there was a central place with official product specific overviews from Microsoft. 


@AymenM / @rockygiglio What you are searching for is located here on the MPN web site: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/asset