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Updates, resources and links for Inspire POTYA 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions / Part 1 - POTYA

Are there instructions on how to submit my award?   

Yes! Once you log into your Partner Center account and access the award application tool, there are instructions within the awards submission application toolhttps://aka.ms/POTYA_Nominate. 


Will I be allowed to submit for an award if I do not meet the eligibility requirements?  

There are certain criteria in which you must meet to apply which are listed in the awards guidelines. Some criteria will be automatically verified in the award application tool including ISV co-sell ready status, a competency, gold data platform competency, gold data analytics competency, and gold cloud competency. Some awards will also have additional criteria that is not automatically verified in the application tool. Please review award requirements carefully. To be selected as an award winner or finalist you must have met all eligibility requirements specified for that specific award.   


How do I edit my entry?  

To edit your entry, log into your profile on the award application tool and click on the entry you wish to modify. Nomination entries can be edited, even after you have submitted, as long as the nomination window is open. Once the nomination window closes, no edits can be made to any nomination entry. You can also save your nomination as a draft but note that you must have successfully submitted your award entry for it to be reviewed by the judging panels and be eligible to win.   


How do I submit my award entry?  

Nominations are only accepted via the award application tool, accessible within your Microsoft Partner Center Account. You must submit after it opens and before it closes. 


Will I still be able to access the awards submission application tool after submissions close?  

Yes, you will be able to access and view your entry after that date, but you will not be able to make changes or withdraw your submission.  


Can we enter more than one nomination for the same award based on having different products or case studies we want to highlight?   

Yes, you can enter multiple award nominations for the same award or enter the same case study or story for more than one award.   


Can I delete or change my entry after it has been submitted?  

Yes, if the nomination window is still open. Simply login into the tool and click on the nomination entry you wish to modify. Once the nomination window closes, no edits can be made. 


Can I enter some data and then come back and complete my submission later?  

Yes. Be sure to save your work along the way. You may exit the application and when you enter back in, you can go to your dashboard and click on the award you wish to update.  


Can I upload video presentations to my entry?  

Yes, it is possible to upload files (up to 10 MB per file) as part of your award submission. However, we highly encourage that you provide a URL for these additional materials.    


What is the maximum number of characters that can be entered into an answer? 

All answers are limited to 8,000 characters (including spaces) per answer. We strongly recommend that you create and finalize your answers in Microsoft Word before copying and pasting them into the award application tool. To see the character count for your answer in Microsoft Word simply highlight your answer and then click on the review tab. Select the Word Count option from the toolbar and reference the “Characters (with spaces)” count in the window that is displayed. Please make sure your answer is 8000 characters or less.  


Can you send me the questions in an e-mail message?  

Sorry, we are unable to e-mail the questions to you.