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Miten suoriutua Power Platform -alustan hallinnoinnista puhtain paperein?

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You inherited a tenant that's a low-code wild west. How can you analyze what is "wild" and what is not? How can you take control of the out-of-control Power Platform you've inherited? How do you recognize genuine platform use? How do you weed out the good cowboys and the bad (and the ugly)?

As companies are starting to expand their use of Power Platform, the importance of proper platform governance has become a crucial topic. This training will teach you some of the most important factors in successfully governing Power Platform. Hear and learn from our MVPs based on their first-hand experience in building governance models for enterprise customers.

You can register here: https://msevents.microsoft.com/event?id=392643594


  • What is governance and the tools for it?
  • Where do we build, how and why?
  • "Your SQL database is now open to the whole tenant" - why data loss and its prevention is a real thing
  • Security and Power Platform
  • Governing the Power Platform with Dataverse
  • The Center of Excellence Starter Kit: In theory and in hands-on
  • Governance tools – Which ones can we trust?

The training includes 3 hands-on labs where you get to perform the administration tasks within an existing tenant, assuming the role of a new Power Platform administrator joining the company. Sign up and secure your place in this practical training session Microsoft Events.

Food and beverages will be provided by Microsoft for participants. Kindly remember to bring your own laptop with you. There will be hands-on activities that require a laptop in order to be completed successfully!


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